Kivistö - a new home town in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Kivistö is a residential centre in Vantaa that is both modern and close to nature. In the coming years, the area will be built into an urban centre for 30,000 residents. There will also be around 25,000 people working in the Kivistö and Vehkala business districts.

Kivistö is unique thanks to its central location and beautiful surroundings. The numerous parks, green areas and forests make Kivistö a verdant paradise. In Kivistö, you can live for example in a loft with great views or in a modern urban detached or semi-detached house. It is an ideal place for residents who want quick access to both nature trails and to Helsinki Airport.

Close to everything. Kivistö is a short train ride away from everything; you can reach the airport in 7 minutes, Tikkurila in 15 minutes and Helsinki city centre in 25 minutes. Kivistö is located on the Ring Rail Line and along major traffic routes. The area also has excellent cycling routes. Kivistö already has schools and day care centres, and the shopping centre, which is planned to open in 2018, will provide both services and leisure activities.

Kivistö is a Housing Fair 2015 site. The latest trends in building and interior decoration will be on display in Kivistö from 10 July to 9 August. A total of 350 homes have been built at the fair site in three blocks of flats and 28 detached houses. The fair presents the comfortable integration of smooth everyday life and various living solutions.

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